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Honda RA300

1:20, MODEL FACTORY HIRO, gebaut von Bill Bosworths

RA_300_001a.jpg RA_300_006a.jpg
Honda_001a.jpg RA_300_002a.jpg
I have built many of these HIRO kits and this one went from "Fun" to "Misery" depending on what phase of the construction I was doing. This one was particularly complex and really did demand full attention to ALL assemblies. NO RELAXING! I thought the exhaust system would be the most difficult pierces to assemble but they actually turned out to be one of the easiest steps. I feel that even with all of the challenges of getting it together, it was worth the effort and we will probably not see any one else doing this kit!
RA_300_009b.jpg RA_300_010b.jpg RA_300_011b.jpg RA_300_013b.jpg RA_300_015b.jpg

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